Why is Council undertaking a Community Organisation Census?

    Livingstone Shire Council is committed to better understanding local community organisations. The census will allow for Council to monitor trends and better understand the needs of local community organisations. The data will also allow Council to understand what is important to community organisations and will support the planning of activities, programmes and funding applications.

    How will this information be used?

    This data will be used by Council to inform the continuation and planning of activities and programmes to build the capacity of community organisations across the Shire. Council will also use the data to monitor participation and volunteer trends and to support future funding applications.

    Will this census be a once-off?

    No, Council plans to release a Community Organisation Census annually to update information and continue to monitor trends across the Shire.

    What is a community organisation?

    A community organisation is a not-for-profit organisation that is engaged in charitable or community-based activities or services.

    Any organisation that meets the following criteria can complete the census:

    ·  Organisations must be based within the Shire and provide services and/or activities to benefit residents and improve the overall liveability of the Shire; and

    ·  Organisations must be solely not-for-profit.

    Who should complete the census?

    This census is targeted towards community organisations as it is designed to inform Council about the needs, experiences and trends of local community organisations. This census should be completed by a member of a community organisation, preferably a committee member.