12 October → 15 November 2020

Pre-Budget Submissions - Community Consultation

Opportunity for the community to let Council know what is important, ideas or suggestions or any areas of concern on the way the budget is allocated. 

07 December 2020

Submissions heard at Council meeting

Those wanting to present their pre-budget submission will be invited to attend a Special Council meeting.

A summary of all other pre-budgets submissions will be discussed with Councillors. 

12 January → 23 March 2021

Councillor Budget Workshops

Setting the budget strategy.

13 April 2021

Proposed Budget endorsed for public display

Provide residents and ratepayers an overview of how the proposed

budget is planned to be allocated. 

14 April → 12 May 2021

Draft Budget submissions

Budget  available  for  public  inspection,  comment  and  formal submissions.

2021-22 Draft budget simulation tool available.

08 June 2021

Submissions heard at Council meeting

Those  wanting  to  present  their  draft-budget  submission  will  be invited  to  attend  a  Special  Council meeting

22 June 2021

Final Budget Workshop (TBC)

Council  considers  submissions  and  determines  whether  any changes are needed to the budget strategy.

29 June 2021

Special Budget Meeting

Formal adoption of budget.