What is the purpose of this survey?

    The purpose of this survey is to find out what the residents of Livingstone Shire see as their priorities when thinking about recovering from COVID-19, so that Council can work with the community and service providers to achieve this.

    Who should provide feedback?

    Anyone who is a resident of Livingstone Shire and is aged over 18 years is encouraged to provide feedback.

    Will I be able to see the results of this survey somewhere?

    Yes. The survey will be open for six weeks (from 15 June – 31 July). After the survey closes, responses will be collated and made available to the community through Council’s website.

    I / someone I know wants to take part in the survey, but would rather not do it online. What are my options?

    There are other ways you can provide input. Contact Council by calling 4913 500 or emailing lsc.dm@livingstone.qld.gov.au to discuss your options.