Why Change the name of Livingstone Shire?

    The Livingstone Shire region is now home to over 37,000 residents and has grown more than 15 per cent in 10 years. It is probably one of the most desirable locations in Queensland and has progressively become a premier tourism destination, offering a unique coastal experience for locals and visitors wanting a ‘sea-change’.

    Many people outside central Queensland are unfamiliar with the name Livingstone and do not readily recognise it or which area it represents. For many years the Livingstone Shire area has been marketed as the Capricorn Coast region, so it makes sense for the local government to have the same name as the region it represents.

    Why Capricorn Coast?

    The Capricorn Coast is a stretch of coastline in Central Queensland, Australia and is part of the Shire of Livingstone. The region straddles the Tropic of Capricorn, after which it is named. Capricorn is instantly recognisable and understood by people outside central Queensland.

    The inclusion of ‘coast’ is a clear geographic descriptor of where Council is located. Incorporating the term ‘coast’ into the local government’s name is an extremely favourable marketing point, as being proximate to the coastline and beaches is highly valued and regarded by Australia’s population, and would likely elevate the area in the eyes of investors. 

    It also provides a gateway to the hinterland areas of the Shire and as with other prominently located Councils on coastline, (such as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast), can be used as the attractor to the region and then drive visitor dispersal across the region.

    How much will this cost?

    There will be costs associated with rebranding the area and the organisation. However, the intention is to stage the transition to a new name and branding, by undertaking all the electronic changes first and foremost (such as website, Facebook, letterhead and all online documents).

    Other branding would be replaced overtime, as part of the natural replacement of assets (for example vehicles) and materials (for example uniforms).

    This will enable the costs associated with any name change to be kept to an absolute minimum and smoothed over a number of years.

    Some fast facts!

    The Livingstone Council area encompasses approximately 12,000 square kilometres, with townships like Stanage and Marlborough in the north and Keppel Sands and Nankin in the south. It stretches along the Capricorn Coast to include the major township of Yeppoon and smaller village of Emu Park and western localities of Glenlee, Glendale and The Caves. The Livingstone Council was originally known as the Gogango Divisional Board and in 1903 Livingstone Shire was named; the name is thought to have been in honour of David Livingstone, an African missionary and explorer.