What is the purpose of this survey?

    Responses from this survey will inform structure, focus and content of the meetings. It will also help to guide the development of a clear purpose and goals for the committee.

    Who should provide feedback?

    The Youth Service Provider Committee will consist of and is seeking feedback from service providers and individuals that work with young people in Livingstone. This can include but is not limited to:

    ·  Schools e.g. guidance officers/staff

    ·  Health staff

    ·  Support services

    ·  Libraries

    ·  Sporting groups

    ·  Local businesses 

    Can I provide feedback if I am not yet a member?

    Yes, we are seeking to increase the range of services participating in the committee so feedback and participation from all youth service providers is welcome, particularly those who are not yet involved. Please provide feedback about what about you believe would be beneficial and what would encourage you to start attending the meetings.  

    What does this mean for the Youth Advisory Group?

    As of 2019 the Youth Advisory Group will undergo change and will become the Youth Service Provider Committee. This group will step away from an interagency information-sharing format and will instead provide opportunities to collectively focus on topics that impact young people in Livingstone and a platform for professional development and knowledge sharing.