COVID Safe Businesses Re-Opening FAQs

about 1 month ago

New information is available here to help businesses plan to re-open safely.

A decision tree and FAQs are available to help businesses identify if they need a plan.

Businesses have three key decisions to make:

  1. High risk businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, will need a check list in place, regardless of the number of patrons.
  2. If your business is wanting to have up to 20 patrons in Stage 2 of the Roadmap, you do not need to prepare a COVID Safe Plan for your business; you just need a current Work Health and Safety Plan that has COVID Safe strategies in place. This plan does not need to be submitted for approval and should be made available if requested.
  3. If your business wants to have more than 20 patrons (maximum 50) in Stage 2 you need a COVID-Safe plan in place for your business. These plans are being developed by industry groups and provided to Queensland Government for approval.

These documents will help organisations and businesses in that industry to develop a plan for their business:

When complete and ready for approval, submit the plan by emailing:

Need more information? Call 134 COVID.

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