Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Webinar Monday 20 April

3 months ago

COVID 19 Webinar

.id consulting is hosting a 30 minute webinar about the economic impacts of COVID-19, on Monday 20th April at 11am.

Rob Hall, Head of Economic Research & Consulting, will be presenting the early findings of his current research into the effect on local economies.

Building on .id’s 2019 economic data, forecast modelling for each local economy in Australia is now underway. It will provide estimates on the impacts on GRP, jobs, hours, and industries for every LGA over the next 8 quarters.

Before launching that data, .id will share what it has learned so far to assist everyone setting a baseline for further analysis. Other sessions will be made available once the estimates, and subsequent updates, are released.

This session will cover;

  • Economic conditions in the lead up to COVID-19
  • Unique Characteristic of the current ‘Shock’
  • The role of Response & Recovery efforts
  • Early insights on the spatial impacts
  • Estimating the outlook for the next 24 months

This is an open session with everyone welcome to attend.

Please register here - Click HERE to register for .id's Impacts of COVID webinar

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