How much will it cost to park at the Lagoon pool?

    $2 per hour

    When will the paid parking begin

    Expected to start late 2018 or early 2019

    Why do we need to pay to park when we already pay rates?

    The potential revenue generated from paid parking areas may be used to offset the increased parking monitoring costs, as well as the operational costs of the Yeppoon Lagoon

    Where can I park for free?

    There are 310 parking spaces available at the Yeppoon Town Centre Car Park plus numerous other car parks with only 800 steps from the Lagoon Pool 

    Why are you asking for feedback?

    Council want to ensure that when the paid parking is implemented that the hours of operation of the paid parking works for the majority of our community.

    What if I don't want paid parking?

    Council has already made the decision to implement paid parking, however want to hear from the community on how many hours a day that it will be operational for

    How many parking spaces around the Lagoon will be paid parks?

    A total of 86 spaces will be paid parking spaces