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    Engagement and Events Team
    Engagement and Events @ Livingstone Shire Council
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    Mayor, Cr Andy Ireland
    Mayor @ Livingstone Shire Council
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    Mayor Andy Ireland is a local of the Livingstone Shire region, having grown up in both Rockhampton and Yeppoon and living in Yeppoon since 1980. Although working in different places throughout Australia throughout his career, Mayor Ireland has always considered the Livingstone Shire region as his home.

    With a professional background in management accounting, governance, change management, and local government, Mayor Ireland also has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in accounting and management, is a Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants Australia, and has completed the Australian Company Directors course. Over the past 20 years Mayor Ireland has consulted to local government or been directly employed within it, having held various positions such as Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, and Chief Executive Officer. Since retiring from local government in 2016, Mayor Ireland and his wife purchased café, Whisk Yeppoon, which his wife and children now run.

    Mayor Ireland is committed to encouraging investment into the region in order to stimulate the economy and create more jobs, which ultimately increases council’s rates base and allows downwards pressure on rates. He is passionate about Livingstone being one shire where all localities receive equal consideration and attention from council.

    Mayor Ireland is also committed to transparency in council, and ensuring community engagement becomes a natural part of how council operates.

    Portfolio holder of Economic Development and Regional Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations.

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    Livingstone Councillors
    Councillor @ Livingstone Shire Council
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    Community Voice Panels

    • Economic Development and Regional Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations - Mayor Andrew Ireland
    • Organisational Performance – Deputy Mayor, Cr Adam Belot
    • Planning and Strategic Infrastructure - Cr Nigel Hutton
    • Healthy and Inclusive Community – Cr Pat Eastwood
    • Transport (Roads, Drainage, Pathways) – Cr Glenda Mather
    • Vibrant Community (Tourism, Events and Culture) – Cr Rhodes Watson
    • Water, Waste Management and the Environment – Cr Andrea Friend
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