Why are we consulting on the future of the Town Clock?

    The Council has been approached about the future of the Town Clock multiple times and in evaluating a range of options has come to the conclusion that there are two viable options that we are now seeking community input on.

    When will a decision be made on the future of the Town Clock?

    Council will consider the community responses before making a final decision, which will be announced through media and here

    If its decided to remove the clock and plant a tree, will the new tree be an established tree?

    The tree will be a mid-sized tree because younger trees are better able to establish in place and withstand future storm impacts. Mature trees are also more difficult to secure, more subject to transplant failure and more expansive.

    What will happen if the Town Clock is demolished?

    The clock mechanism will be offered to local artists for possible reprogramming as an art installation. The concrete will be recycled.

History of the Town Clock

    Why was the Town Clock built?

    The clock was installed to celebrate the 25 years anniversary of the Yeppoon Rotary Club. Rotary installed the clock with their own funds.

Get Involved

    How can I have my say?

    by completing the survey on this page