Feedback Closes 20th May 2024

The Arts and Culture strategy will enable council to plan for how it might best support arts and cultural development for the next 5 years.

Livingstone Shire Council recognises that arts and cultural activities reflect national and heritage background, as well as celebrate different identities and social diversity.

Arts and cultural activities inspire, educate and entertain while celebrating the identities of different communities.

Planning for the continuing growth of Livingstone's arts and cultural programs is necessary, based on a significant increase in population and employment over the ensuing years, and community priorities, as identified through other consultations.

We are committed to supporting the growth and diversity of arts and cultural activities and expressions in ways that respond to identifiable needs which benefit the community, businesses and visitors to the area.

In updating this plan we are seeking feedback from the community regarding arts and cultural programs and what you would like to see more of in the shire.

The 2017- 2022 Livingstone Shire Council Arts & Cultural Strategic Plan (in document library in the sidebar) outlines Council’s arts and cultural service levels centered around five objectives:

  • Support sustainable investment in programs and infrastructure
  • Enable leadership and collaboration
  • Celebrate regional identity and community distinctiveness
  • Increase visibility of arts, heritage and culture
  • Connecting community through arts heritage and culture

These objectives may change moving forward and will take on the feedback received.

Your contribution is extremely valuable to us. To have your say provide feedback via the form here and/ or share your ideas on the page below.