Do i have to balance?

    NO The key rule is that you can submit your entry with a SURPLUS but not a DEFICET . 

    Why this budget simulation tool?

    Being transparent about what goes into a budget includes helping residents understand whats involved the building the Councils budget. We hope that providing and opportunity to explore the draft budget in an interactive tool will help people provide informed feedback on what is being proposed, It will also help the Council to continuously improve how we communicate financial details and understand what is important to residents - especially those how can't attend hearings. This tool allows people to participate at their own pace and on their own schedule.

    Why does it not/does include Capital spending?

    Any any one time the Council also has underway are a number of often large and longer-term projects that once started are are not easily changed e.g. Convention Center. At the same time there are also projects where what is delivered and the cost is still being worked on. but may be costly in the future e,g,, storm and waster water infrastructure, CBD library, transport initiatives - lets get Welly moving,Te Ngākau Civic Precinct etc.

    Spending on theses capital projects is mostly comes from borrowing so is not part of the tool. There are also limits on how much we can borrow.

    I've used the tool and submitted - What happens next?

    This will provide Council with anonomys details on what you changed and any comments made. Once you have finished all your changes you can save (or "submit") them. The information you provide us in this trial will help us in communicating and consulting residents on our future budgets - for example the Council's Long-term plan later in 2020-21. Understanding your experience in using the budget tool will help us provide a meaningful experience for others. Your feedback will not be used for any other purpose

    What if l don't have access to a computer/mobile device?

    Council will be holding two interactive information sessions on Wednesday 28 October 9am and 11am. Please email to RSVP as numbers are limited. 

    How long does it take to 'balance' the budget?

    There are complex decisions to make, it will not be something that you can do quickly - we estimate 15-20 minutes!