Livingstone Shire Council has been receiving an increasing number of complaints about wild dogs running in packs of 9 to 11 dogs. Although the issue has been around for many years, properties historically were much larger and landowners managed the wild dogs on their properties.

With land now broken into smaller parcels this problem has exacerbated making it harder for landowners to control feral animals on their own land, particularly in the Bungundarra area.

Landowners have reported packs of wild dogs coming into house yards, killing pets and have been seen as close as St Brendan’s College.

Residents are encouraged to report sightings, incidents, and control activities via the WildDogScan application.

About WildDogScan-

WildDogScan is a free resource. Landholders, community groups, pest controllers, local councils and biosecurity organisations can use this resource to record information about wild dogs. You can also use it to map wild dog problems, upload photos, and record control activities. WildDogScan can help you and your neighbours stay informed about wild dogs in your local area.