Responses to Council’s community consultation undertaken in December 2021 were positive, with 69% of respondents being in favour of the introduction of e-scooters.

Recreational use was the main reason survey respondents’ said they would jump on an e-scooter. The results also highlighted that community members agree that e-scooters would provide social benefits and increase tourist spend throughout the town centre, foreshore areas and beyond.

Following community consultation, Council called for Expressions of Interest for a twelve-month hire-and-ride e-scooter trial in Yeppoon.

An application from Neuron Mobility was approved based on their strong track record of partnering with other councils and their leadership when it comes to safety and innovation.

Initially, the scooters will be set up for a 12-month trial which will allow Council and Neuron to assess the viability of e-scooters in Yeppoon.