The Southern Beaches Reference Group was formed to address the community's needs in regard to the provision of recreational activities on our Shire's southern beaches located in the Emu Park region, that are not adjacent to a residential community.

Popular swimming and fishing locations have been regularly used by our community and in some cases, vehicles have accessed the beaches to enjoy the various recreational opportunities offered.

Council has never previously engaged with our local community on usage of the southern beaches so no data exists for Council to make an informed decision on the recreational activities that could/should occur on them. The Southern Beaches Reference Group aims to provide recommendations on What, When and How recreational activities could occur on the southern beaches.

The first step in the process is for the group to identify which beach is the primary focus in the southern beaches area for council to focus its efforts on.
We ask that you help us to identify which beaches are your top priority by listing these in order of preference below.

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Which beach is your top priority for focusing our state government proposal efforts in the southern beaches region