Council is seeking feedback from the Livingstone community and stakeholder groups to determine if there is support regarding vehicle access on the Shire’s southern beaches from the Causeway through to Joskeleigh but in particular Ritamada, Timbers Beach Zilzie and Long Beach Joskeleigh.

Council will collate the feedback and determine if a Southern Beaches Reference Group is to be formed. The group would be entrusted with the responsibility of providing recommendations to the council, about potential vehicle usage on unpopulated beaches in order to improve our liveability and recreational appeal to both residents and visitors at the southern end of the Capricorn Coast.

Do you frequent any of the Southern Beaches in particular Ritamada, Timbers Beach Zilzie and Long Beach Joskeleigh? Required
Currently the abovementioned beaches are gazetted as bathing reserves and driving on these beaches is prohibited, would you support a change to allow for recreational driving on these beaches? Required
If Council formed a Reference Group that was responsible for providing recommendations to council about usage and vehicle access on our southern beaches, would you be interested in being a member? Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.