Consultation for the future use of Emu Park Airstrip is now closed.

Lot 48 Emu Park Road / Emu Park Airstrip Future Use

Consultation Process

In August 2023, council sought feedback on the future use of Lot 48 Emu Park Road also known as the Emu Park Airstrip.

Why did we consult?

On 23 March 2023, officers facilitated a workshop with Councillors to discuss Lot 48, Emu Park Road/Emu Park Airstrip and its current risk profile. Officers proposed to conduct community consultation to determine the communities view on the preferred future use of Lot 48 Emu Park Road/Emu Park Airstrip.

Councillors supported the decision to take the matter to the community to find out their thoughts on the future of the airstrip and make a decision once the community had been consulted and feedback received.

During engagement, several potential options for the future of the airstrip were suggested, including:

  • Council rescinds trusteeship to give the land back to the State and let them determine its future use/disposal;
  • Council applying to the State Government to purchase the land (estimated to cost upwards of $2 M)
  • Council continues as trustee and the land continues to be utilised as an airfield. This option requires the 3 points in the overview as costs to council outlined in the engagement plan.
  • Request consideration from the State Government to change the ‘community purpose’ use of the reserve (see list of community purpose definitions).

What did we find out?

During the four weeks of consultation, council received over seven hundred responses to the online survey on council’s Get Involved page, the highest number of any responses of any consultation ever in Livingstone Shire’s history of engagement.

Most respondents (62%) preferred option 3 – that Council continue as Trustee for the Airstrip. The second most popular option was 1 – that Council returns the land to the State Government (31%).

What did Council decide?

Council staff presented the results of the consultation at the November Ordinary Council meeting on 21 November 2023, where Councillors voted to:

“Retain the Trusteeship of Lot 48 Emu Park Road/Emu Park Airstrip and facilitate it’s continued use as a ‘landing ground for aircraft’ and allocate $40,000 in the 2024/2025 budget to address improvement conditions outlined below;

ALA IMPROVEMENTS (minimum mitigation actions in accordance with recent Risk Assessment Report – March 2023)

Service Level: Mowing, ongoing maintenance of VFA equipment, signage, and ALA management and reporting in accordance with Aerodrome Operator requirements.

  • Develop an Aerodrome Operating Procedure (to include:
    - Maintenance arrangements – specific intervention levels and associated responsibilities.
    - Replacement schedule of equipment (markers, windsock).
    - Inspection schedule and associated checklist.
    - Communication Procedures – ground-to-air via signal circle | notification of hazards via ERSA (Airservices Australia) and internal communications for authorised use.
    - Training and education requirements for officers with respective roles and responsibilities).
  • Develop an Emergency Response Plan (for inclusion within the Aerodrome Operation Procedure).
  • Update the En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) to include known hazards.
  • Review Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) requirements from a town planning perspective.
  • Review last Obstacle Limitation Survey (2020) to determine required actions associated with vegetation control.
  • Investigate what agreements are in place for commercial activities and use of the Aerodrome.
  • Training of relevant officers (post implementation of the Aerodrome Operating Procedure).
  • Install signage at all entry points to the aerodrome to make the public aware of aerodrome operations and restricted access.

What happens next?

Council’s Parks and Facilities team will begin working towards implementing the steps outlined in the recommendation above, beginning with the preparation of an Aerodrome Operating Procedure.

Where can I find out more information?

You can view the minutes of Council’s November Ordinary Council on Council’s Meeting and Agendas page here. Minutes of the November Ordinary Council meeting will be finalised and placed online next week.

For information about ongoing maintenance to the Emu Park Airstrip, please email Council’s customer service team on to lodge a customer request or call 1300791 919.